Getting Our Visas Renewed (lame) and visiting Kuta (awesome) thumbnail

In order to renew our 30 day visas we headed to Kuta. We had no idea what to expect, the only thing we knew about Kuta was that it was a big party town for Australians, since it is so close. Kuta is MUCH bigger than our sleepy little village of Amed [...] Continue Reading

Now What? The Beginning of the End thumbnail

When people come visit we always have a great time, it’s a bit like a vacation from a vacation. They always come ready to have a good time and so we have a chance to go from our penny pinching traveler versions of ourselves to vacation versions of ourselves. Nathan phrased it best after shaming us for not [...] Continue Reading

The Cost of Getting Cultured thumbnail

As much as we loved the beach we decided that we needed to get some more culture and wanted to see a Hindu ceremony [...] Continue Reading

The Most Lucrative Job in Bali thumbnail

We decided to head up into the mountains first. So, we set off on our mopeds in our flip flops and swimsuits (because you never want to not be ready for the beach). We drove along for quite some time, going steadily uphill past rice paddies and into mountains. It was easily the greenest place I have ever seen [...] Continue Reading

A Fish Tale (Sort of)

A Fish Tale (Sort of) thumbnail

When our alarms went off before 5 am we were all a little groggy- we were not excited to be up that early, but we were super excited to go fishing [...] Continue Reading

Our Vacation from Vacation, in Bali thumbnail

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Fortunately, sometimes the end means going to Bali. If you have to leave the Marina Bay Sands, it should always be to go to Bali [...] Continue Reading


Singapore thumbnail

There is a very well defined backpackers trail through Southeast Asia- Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos are all on it. Malaysia often makes the list as well, though Kuala Lumpur usually does not. However, one place that rarely makes the list is Singapore. Fortunately, we went anyway [...] Continue Reading


Malaysia thumbnail

Next up, country number 31, Malaysia. We visited two cities in Malaysia and they could not have been more different. Kuala Lumpur was a modern and bustling city, Melaka was a gorgeous port city full of eclectic architecture and charm [...] Continue Reading

Watching the World Go By in Hanoi thumbnail

After our trip to Halong Bay we stayed in Hanoi for another 2 weeks where we visited a lot of the historic sites and enjoyed watching the world go by. So much of the life in Hanoi happens on the streets- from haircuts to meals- there is always something interesting going on [...] Continue Reading

Halong Bay Cruise

Halong Bay Cruise thumbnail

Hanoi was hot and humid for the first few days we were there, but then it cooled off significantly (we're talking a drop from the high nineties into the eighties and then down to the high sixties- a serious, but very welcome dip). At first, we were excited, but then we realized that the timing was terrible. The day that the high was only supposed to be 68 was the same day we had booked an overnight cruise on the beautiful Halong Bay. So we were a little bummed by the weather, which ended up being fairly chilly and quite cloudy, but overall had the most fantastic cruise [...] Continue Reading